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    I have these socks and I love them

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  7. underwater eco sculptures by jason decaires taylorEco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor constructs eerie underwater sculptural installations that provide a place for marine species of fish, plants and coral to live. He uses materials that are environmentally friendly and that aid the growth of marine life under the sea. The artist is responsible for founding and creating the world’s first underwater sculpture park located off the coast of Genada, which is called Museo Subacuatico de Arte. MUSA features a collection of more than 500 of Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculptures.

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  9. Hanno diviso il mondo in due e penso di essere dalla parte giusta


  10. #GasJeans #ADV VIDEO online!
    HE HAD IT COMING a film by Senio Zapruder

    Starring • #BarbaraPalvin
    Directed by • #SenioZapruder
    Graphic Design • #lagiungladigiulia
    Music • #StefanoRiva
    Voice Over • #AnnieVanDerMazzolen



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    If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.
    - Muhammad Ali.

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  14. Nirvana, 1991 HAPPY

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